Natural Resources

I love the outdoors, as a child I would often fish and hunt.  We must protect our natural resources for generations to come so that 
they can do the things that we have grown  up doing.  

We must stop debating proven science and work together to solve all of the environmental hazards that we face.  Man made climate change is a danger that we must face together as neighbors, not as Democrats or Republicans.

For these reasons I oppose the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), and the Marcellus Shale Pipeline (MSP).

As Virginians, we must protect our great Commonwealth from the serious environmental hazards caused by the extraction and transport of fossil fuels. Fracking contaminates our drinking water and increases the risk of earthquakes. With Virginia’s major
faultlines, potential earthquakes could be felt from West Virginia to Hampton Roads, causing damage across the entire


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